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Right Hand helps to manage & save records of your contact with label print

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Multiicon  |  16 more applications - November 23, 2013
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Publisher's description

In today's era of Information and Technology, there arise needs of software through which we can do many of our day to day work easily and comfortably for personal, official or any other use. So, we at Multiicon recognize all this needs of our client and developed a potent Right Hand Gold Software.

Right Hand is the powerful software which works as your real Right Hand. In today's era of Information and Technology, there arises a need of software which helps us to do our routine work easily and comfortably such as record keeping of key clients along with their particulars address, contact numbers, reminder facility, calling service, follow up, etc. which can be done using this software.

This is mainly required in office there because it helps to save records of the client like address of the client, there phone details etc. So we at Multiicon recognized all this needs and have developed Right Hand Software which acts as a personal assistant for official or personal use. Right Hand software has significant features which are listed as below.

Thus in this way, Right Hand Gold Software acts in as a personal assistant in order to manage the important records for personal and official use.

Key features

• Address Book available in English & Gujarati language
• Accurate Reminders
• Set Appointments & Tasks
• English to Gujarati Converter
• English to Hindi Converter
• Selected Email facility
• Phone Dialing Option
• All India STD Code available
• ISD Codes available
• Personal Diary Manager
• Personal Phone Book
• Phone Book & Mailing Label Print option
• Game & Other Utilities
• Login Security
• Backup Security
• Printing Security

Additional info

Operating system: Win 98, Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8

Uninstaller: included

Release date: 2007-09-01

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